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Washroom Cleaning

Washroom Cleaning 'Scoil Einde' - 1Washroom Cleaning 'Scoil Einde' - 2Washroom Cleaning 'Scoil Einde' Floor - 1Washroom Cleaning 'Scoil Einde' Floor - 2
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Chandelier Cleaning

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Dr. Schutz

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Floor Polishing

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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti 'Heaslips' - BeforeGraffiti 'Heaslips' - After

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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning 'Massimo' - SampleLeather Cleaning 'Massimo' - Sample 1

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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing 'Lisdonagh' - WalkwaysPower Washing 'Park West' - Flat Surface Cleaner 1Power Washing 'Park West' - Before & AfterPower Washing 'Lisdonagh' - GutterPower Washing 'Lisdonagh' - Caping

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Stone Tile & Grout

Kitchen Marble - 1Kitchen Marble - 2Lobby - 1Lobby - 2SGT 'Ballina Hallway' - 1SGT 'Ballina Hallway' - 2STG - 'Clarence O'Flaherty & Co.' - Polished ConcreteSTG  'Dublin Bus' - TerazzoSTG - Head Stone - SampleSTG - Teracotta - SampleSTG 'BWG Foods' Concrete PolishingSTG 'Clanree Hotel' Marble - SampleSTG 'Connacht Hotel' - SampleSTG 'Donnellys' Quarry Tile - SampleSTG 'Dublin Fire Station' - Mess Floor SampleSTG 'Gleason's Warehouse' - 1STG 'Gleason's Warehouse' - 2STG 'Hogans' Marble - 1STG 'Hogans' Marble - 2STG 'Liffey Valley Shopping Centre - SampleSTG 'Lynx' - Concrete PolishingSTG 'Mercy Secondary School' - SampleSTG 'Mountjoy Prision' Washroom Floor - SampleSTG 'Radisson Galway' - SampleSTG 'Scoil na Mainistreach Door - 1STG 'Scoil na Mainistreach Door - 2STG 'Tesco Distribution' - Polished ConcreteSTG Travertine - 1STG Travertine - 2Terrazzo 1Terrazzo 2Ceramic Tile - 1Ceramic Tile - 2

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning - CushionUpholstery Cleaning 'Go Bus' - SeatUpholstery Cleaning 'Massimo' - Sample

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Carpet Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning 'AIT' - Hoist
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