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Time to Celebrate Life with Your Cleaning Expert Galway

Time To Celebrate Life

Ali O’Flaherty Celebrates Life

Clarence O’Flaherty & Co. of Galway Ireland announces that it is time to celebrate life with them as their newest family member turns one.  Ali O’Flaherty celebrates her first year of life on July 18th 2014 and in her honour you get to unwrap the gift.

Simply wish Ali a happy birthday when contacting via phone or visit and receive a carpet cleaning Xtract-A-Max hire at half price.  These machines typically cost €40 but you receive the Xtract-A-Max for €20 by joining in with their summer celebration.

It’s time to celebrate life with the O’Flaherty’s.

I’m told that this incentive ends August 30th 2014 so call 1850 56 50 50 today to celebrate life by celebrating savings.

It is reported that Ali is an adorable joy to the family who has a constantly beaming smile from morning to night.  Perhaps that’s because she is as pleased as punch to be the younger sister of Mia O’Flaherty (age 5).  Ali was born on July 18th of 2013 to Gillian and Shane O’Flaherty and finds time to celebrate life daily by attempting to follow big sis Mia everywhere never mind not quite mastering the skill of putting one foot in front of the other just yet. Continue reading

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