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    Do smells from your toilets offend your customers despite daily cleaning with treatments touted to be the latest and best solutions?

    Dosing toilets and urinals with pungent air fresheners only masks the problem. Customers will do a quick turnaround as soon as those embarrassing odours hit them at the front door!

    Don’t waste good money every month on unpleasant odours that are costing you business! Your Cleaning Experts solution is the ultimate washroom deep clean. And we do all the work.

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    Bottom line, you have our guarantee that your washroom will be clean and fresh or your money back!

    It’s no secret that foul odours are a huge turn off – especially in a washroom like yours that is visited frequently. That’s why even the finest hotels focus on smell as part of the customer experience. A pleasant smell can inspire creativity and productivity, elevate mood and ease stress. Most importantly, it creates a comfortable environment that reflects favorably on your entire business.

    Let Your Cleaning Experts take over your washroom toilets for five days and give them the most thorough cleansing you can get. Here’s how our simple turnkey maintenance program for cleaning toilet Galway works:

    We conduct our proven five-day deep-clean sanitizing process for both the men’s and women’s facilities
    We thoroughly treat all surfaces using the most effective, environmentally friendly products
    We provide you a customized follow-up cleaning system to keep your washrooms spotless
    We train your staff in how to easily follow and maintain the system

    Our promise to you is simple: your washrooms will look and smell like new and never again embarrass you or cost you business!

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