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    Floor Polishing – Allow Our Expertise to “Shine” Through

    Polished floors have been around for centuries now – but were once purely the preserve of the well-to-do, as having your floor polished until as shiny as a mirror was something only those with a little cash to burn could afford to do. The rest of us had to be content with bare stone or even just dirt! Today, we still view a floor polishing Galway as something to show off as it just looks so good. Here at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. – Your Cleaning Experts we have the expertise to get your floor so pleasantly shiny you’ll be forever fighting the urge to slip off your shoes to go sliding across it in your socks, just like you did when you were a little kid! Plus, the great news is you do not need cash to burn to afford our services!

    Floor Polishing Galway w/ Clarence O’Flaherty and Co.

    Floor polishing can be quite a laborious process, so it will save you time, effort and money to hire the services of floor polishing professionals, which is precisely what we here at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. provide. We have successfully restored, cleaned and polished the following types of floor coverings:


    What Does Floor Polishing Entail?

    Floor polishing is not just about getting your floor looking all nice and shiny – it’s a complete restoration service that will leave your floor looking good, in tip-top condition, and protected from daily wear-and-tear. As we are the complete cleaning service providers we can strip and remove failing surface coatings, provide a deep clean that will really wipe away years of accumulated muck and grime, apply the necessary sealants, oils and polishes, and then get busy with our specialist machines to leave your floor spotless, glistening and in a state that means it will need little or no maintenance for years to come – saving you future expensive floor restoration costs.

    The Floor Polishing Service

    Booking us could not be more simple – You can book your free trial by clicking this link, giving us a call on 1850 56 50 50, dropping us a fax at 1850 77 15 08 or emailing us at hello@yourcleaningexperts.

    We’re not fond of singing our own praises here at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. – Your Cleaning Experts – which is handy as we don’t usually have to, as our customers sing them for us! Book us now to have your floor cleaned, restored and polished – you will not be disappointed.

    Your Cleaning Experts Floor Polishing Galway Process

    •Pre-Inspection of your floor to determine the best cleaning process
    •Use the most suitable solution to get the best result
    •Deep clean the entire area with scrubbing
    •Thouroughly rinse and dry the floor to remove all debris and any chemical residue
    •Inspect floor and treat areas needing additional care
    •Apply agreed finish and seal

    We can transform your dull, tired and heavily soiled floors restoring them to like new. You will LOVE YOUR FLOORS AGAIN for a lot less hassle and expense of replacement. Our Technicians use the most modern, up-to-date and effective methods, equipment and products to safely clean and restore your floors.

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