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    Graffiti Removal – Going About it the “Write” Way

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    Many graffiti practitioners consider themselves to be true artists, and while some examples of graffiti do show a definite artistic bent, the majority of it is simply nothing more than what it is – unwanted paint or other markings on surfaces that were never designed to be so decorated. A lot of graffiti is offensive, and having some thoughtless soul scrawl an offensive phrase close to your home or business can be both demoralising and upsetting – especially if there seems no easy way to get rid of it.

    Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. for Graffiti Removal

    To rid yourself of some unwanted artwork, why not book Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. – Your Cleaning Experts to remove graffiti and restore the walls and surfaces beneath to the way they are supposed to look?

    The paints and materials used by undesirables are notoriously tough to remove, but we have yet to be beaten! We use a complete no-damage system which will quickly remove all kinds of graffiti from all sorts of material – limestone, brickwork, sandstone, Perspex, plastic etc. We do not use high pressure cleaning systems on graffiti, nor substances where there is any risk of damaging the underlying surface.

    We Are Graffiti Removal Experts

    Removing Graffiti is a case of having the right tools for the right job. If you attempt the removal yourself, you’re likely to be scrubbing for hours with little effect, while causing irreversible damage to the surfaces beneath. We use the specialist solutions required to remove graffiti, and with minimal abrasive effort as so not to damage the surfaces beneath. This is especially crucial where people have been thoughtless enough to daub their unwanted scribbles on buildings that are over a century old or even older. Preservation of our past is important, and our graffiti removal system is guaranteed to cause no damage whatsoever to important and historical buildings. Our work will not leave unwanted ghosting or residues behind either.

    The Complete Graffiti Removal Service

    Booking us in Galway could not be more simple – You can book your free trial by clicking this link, giving us a call on 1850 56 50 50, dropping us a fax at 1850 77 15 08 or emailing us at hello@yourcleaningexperts.

    Cleaning is what we live for and we take the kind of pride you’d expect from any cleaning business with regards to the standard of the services we deliver. Book our graffiti removal services and you can be rest assured of receiving the highest standard of work available anywhere!

    We offer a complete graffiti removal service for all surfaces and hard to reach areas.

    We can also treat surfaces with the appropriate ‘easy clean’ graffiti removal product, while you will still see the graffiti minimal effort will remove it.

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