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The first impression is always the most telling – and what will your customers feel if they walk up to your business (or your friends to your home) treading over a few decades’ worth of muck, grime, hardened chewing gum and other undesirable detritus? They might even turn tail and flee towards a rival business with a decidedly more cheerful welcome …

Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. for Pressure Washing

For a much cleaner entrance, why not book Clarence O’Flaherty and  Co. – Your Cleaning Experts to clean up that important first impression by using our tried and trusted pressure washing services?

We use the very best in pressure washing equipment to restore walls, paths, driveways and indeed most outdoor surfaces to their gleaming best. If you’re a residential customer we can pressure wash the outside of your home to help restore it to its former glories. We can get your driveway glistening and your pathways beaming. We can restore life to your patio and rid your fences and decking of grime, algae, moss and all forms of dirt.

If you’re a commercial customer, we can restore pristine cleanliness to your shop front, outside pavement, parking area and other paths and walkways. For those a little more industrial in nature, we can undertake large projects to clean entire warehouses and factories.

Pressure Washing – Book Your FREE Trial NOW

If you’re unsure of how much a difference a small spot of pressure washing can make, then you can book out the services of Clarence O’Flaherty andCo. for a free trial. We will turn up at a time and date to suit and demonstrate just how much can be achieved, cleanliness-wise, by the application of our pressure washing services. We will be amazed if you are not blown-away by the results, but of course if you aren’t, then there’s no pressure on you to bookus for the fully benefit from our cleaning services. We said we’d be amazed, and we would be, as most customers after seeing our demonstration then hire our pressure wash services on the newly-sparkling spot!

The Complete Pressure Wash Service

Booking us in Galway could not be more simple – You can book your free trial by clicking this link, giving us a call on 1850 56 50 50, dropping us a fax at 1850 77 15 08 or emailing us at hello@yourcleaningexperts.

Cleaning is our passion and we take the kind of pride you’d expect from any competent professional in the standard of work we produce. Book our pressure washing services and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Try Before You Buy

    We can pressure wash the following:
    Walls Shop Fronts
    Roofs Paths
    Patios Driveways
    We can treat all surfaces for:
    Dirt Algae
    Moss Traffic Film

    Get Access to FREE Consumer Reports:

    • Learn the best way to clean hard surface floors.
    • Find the information you need about hot water extraction,
      …and much more!

    Plus, receive discounts and money-off vouchers!

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