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It can be a tough life being a carpet, a pair of curtains or a treasured piece of upholstery. You get trodden on, stamped on, jumped on, sat on, pulled, pushed, shoved, covered in dirt, food, drink, mucky hand-prints, and that’s all before breakfast – and no, we are not taking about my school-days! It’s no wonder that after a couple of years our carpets start to look threadbare, our curtains misshapen and saggy, and our upholstery tired and depressed.

You can either replace everything every couple of years (I’m sure your bank account would love that!) or you can taken preventative measures – and here at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. – Your Cleaning Experts we have the expertise and experience to help you do just that!

Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. for Scotchgard

You’ve probably heard of Scotchgard, but do you know what it is? Well, it’s perfluorobutanesulfonic acid, which is always handy to know if you’re playing scrabble! It’s made by the American company 3M, and it’s very unpopular with stains and water – meaning it adds a layer of extra protection to carpets, curtains, upholstery and most fabrics, and further meaning that treated carpets, curtains, upholstery and fabrics last a lost longer, and look a lot better than those that have not been treated.

We Can Apply Scotchgard to Your Items!

Book us at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. – Your Cleaning Experts – and we will apply Scotchgard to your favourite fabrics, giving them unique, three-way protection:

  • Protection from dirt, dust, fingerprints, mud and grime
  • Protection from water-based spills such as coffee, wine, milk and soft drinks
  • Protection from oil-based soiling from greasy foods

Once your fabrics have been treated with Scotchgard you will find keeping them clean becomes a whole lot easier. On treated fabrics liquids will bead up on the surface, rather than soaking in, meaning you can blot up spillages with kitchen towels. You’ll also find that vacuuming becomes a whole lot easier as particles of dirt will not cling to the fibres, making them much easier to remove.

Booking Clarence O’Flaherty & Co.s Scotchgard Services is Easy!

Booking us Galway could not be more simple – You can book your free trial by clicking this link, giving us a call on 1850 56 50 50, dropping us a fax at 1850 77 15 08 or emailing us at hello@yourcleaningexperts.

Why not give your precious fabrics the protection they deserve? Book us at Clarence O’Flaherty – Your Cleaning Experts – and we’ll make sure your fabrics will look great for years to come.

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