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    Window Cleaning – A Streak-Free Finish Guaranteed”!

    If you’re looking for a professional window cleaning company whose services you can definitely rely upon, then there are quite a few factors you need to take into consideration in order to make sure you select the correct service provider. Making sure your buildings windows are cleaned to perfection on a regular basis will significantly improve the impression you give, but you need to make a qualified decision based on costs and the quality of the service you both expect and receive.

    Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. for Window Cleaning

    If you’re looking for quality, expertise and experience in the field of window cleaning, then Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. – Your Cleaning Expertsreally ought to be top of any list of service providers you may be considering. Cleaning windows is a specialist profession, especially if your company’s window-cleaning needs means cleaning at height, as many city centre businesses do. You need to ensure that your windows are cleaned properly and to the highest standards, which means you need to book a company who have years of experience in window cleaning, and have all the specialist tools and equipment necessary to achieve the job to the kind of standard you expect. You’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that we at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co. definitely tick all the necessary boxes.

    We are the Magicians of Window Cleaning!

    The first step in booking our services is to talk to us. We’ll take a look at your specific window cleaning needs and advise on how frequently we feel your windows need cleaning, and what we can do to get the job done. Dirty windows can be a real blot on your reputation, so it’s important that the service provider you choose is able to offer you a regular and reliable service that will leave your building looking in pristine condition.

    We use platforms and lifts to obtain access to your windows, meaning we can give them the attention they demand from a firm and solid base, rather than worrying about balancing on lengthy ladders.

    We also make sure we use purified water when cleaning windows – no unpleasant chemicals for us at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co., just good old-fashioned clean water and plenty of hard work.

    Book our services for window cleaning and you can be assured:

     No unsightly or potential damage-causing ladders against your building
     No chemical residues left behind on your windows or your building
     No streaky finishes

    Booking Clarence O’Flaherty’s Window Cleaning Services is Easy!

    Booking us Galway could not be more simple – You can book your free trial by clicking this link, giving us a call on 1850 56 50 50, dropping us a fax at 1850 77 15 08 or emailing us at

    We don’t like to brag too much at Clarence O’Flaherty and Co – Your Cleaning Experts, as we believe it’s results that count, not how loudly you happen to shout. Book us for window-cleaning and you’ll quickly discover that our reputation is – just like your windows once we’d done the business – crystal clear!

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