Do You Think Toilets are Dirty?

– Try Looking at Your Children’s Car SeatsTeenager pinches his nose, bad smell, grey wall background

Many parents are not aware that some of the dirtiest things they own are not even in their homes. If you were asked to name a dirty place on your premises, what would you say? In all likelihood, you would name your bathroom or your hallway. It is unlikely that you would mention your car or your children’s car seats.

Parents are typically horrified, once they find out about recent studies, which highlight how children’s car seats are some of the most bacteria filled places in cars. This begs the question, when did you last clean your child’s car seat? As parents, we are forever telling our children not to touch dirty things, and to wash their hands thoroughly. However, we strap them into car seats without a second thought!

You have probably read about incorrectly fitted children’s car seats, which would be of little use in a crash. Do you consider this to be a major safety concern? If so, then how about this: Scientists from Birmingham University discovered that children’s car seats can have twice as many harmful germs as the average household toilet. The bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli that was found could result in lethal diseases. How does this make you feel? Still looking forward to your next family outing?

Thankfully, car crashes don’t happen every day. Alarmingly though, your child is still probably at risk of infection, even if you have correctly fitted their car seat.

You can ease your worries by hiring a good cleaning company. A reputable company works with the latest tools and cleaning supplies, to help you establish a much cleaner environment or surface, wherever you need it. The right professionals will save you time and frustration, by reaching those hard to clean areas of your car or property.

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