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Window CleaningWindow cleaning is an essential part of any household chore. Every homeowner needs to clean the windows on a regular basis – either daily or on alternate days. No matter how may times you clean windows, you must remember that different types of windows need to be cleaned in a different manner. So it means that if you are cleaning glass windows, you cannot adopt the same method for vinyl or tinted windows. Therefore it is very important to know the nuances of cleaning the windows. This article will explain how to clean different types of windows.

Recommendations for Window Cleaning

Cleaning Glass Windows

Glass windows are the most common type of windows and they are used in both modern and traditional buildings. In fact, glass windows are also used in cars. But since the material is glass, one needs to be very careful during cleaning and handling them. You should be extra careful so that there are no unwanted scratches or marks on the windows at the time of cleaning. For cleaning them, you can opt for one of the commercially available cleaning agents.

You can also make your own window cleaner, if you so desire. In this way you can save a lot of money.  To make your own cleaner you need to buy vinegar, dish soaps, rubbing alcohol, warm water and some ammonia.  Another option is to make a cleaning solution by using water, ammonia & starch.

You need to choose the solution that is available to you or if money is not a concern then buy a branded glass window cleaner. Use a soft sponge or cloth to clean the windows so that no scratches are formed on the windows.

Cleaning Vinyl Windows

If you are living in one of those houses which have vinyl windows then you need to be very careful. Vinyl glass is in high demand in modern houses because of their replacement quality and the very fact that they can be fully taken out for the purpose of cleaning. However, cleaning vinyl windows is a little bit complicated when you compare it with their glass window counterparts. These windows are prone to scratches and hence it becomes very difficult to deal with them.

However, it is possible to make a window cleaner for vinyl windows also. You need to get some vinegar, dish soap, Murphy’s oil soap and a little bit of detergent to form the mixture. The Murphy’s oil is very important in this solution as it helps you to get rid of the water spots that get formed on the vinyl windows. Always use a soft cloth and these above-mentioned ingredients to clean the vinyl windows.

Cleaning Tinted Windows

Tinted windows in the car or your office need special cleaning too in order to keep them free from dirt and grime.

However, special cleaning is required in order to retain the tint in the glasses. Never use ammonia or any soap that has ammonia as one of the ingredients as it is too strong for the tinted windows. In fact, if ammonia based cleaning agents are used regularly then the tint in the windows can get easily destroyed. So it is advisable to use a mild soap only to bring the sparkle back on the tinted windows.

These home based solutions are good for window cleaning BUT if you have a really big house then it is recommended to call the professional window cleaners as they will clean all your windows.

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